Chart of the Future

Larry Mayer and the Chart of the Future Project


Under the leadership of Dr. Larry Mayer, the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM) at the University of New Hampshire recently began the Chart of the Future project. Aimed at providing more effective information to mariners, the focus of the project is to create new components for a navigational support system that can assist mariners in ciphering through information without becoming overwhelmed. Because of certain economic forces mariners are facing increased traffic, wider beams and deeper drafts that are constantly increasing the level of danger at sea.

Through collaboration of leading scientist at UNH, the Chart of the Future Project is among the research conducted by the CCOM/JHC Data Visualization Research Lab. The aim of the project is to look a new technologies that will likely be widely available in the next ten years and develop prototype computer interfaces for mariner testing.

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